If you can dream you can do it

What is in your minds right now?? What might be the people thinking about if we do such things that they don’t like.. Guys do whatever you to do it doesn’t matter what they think about us. Thats none of their business.

Live your life to be fullest because this is just the last chance or might be the last breath you take. Life is really short and unpredictable we don’t know what happened in the next nano second. Live your life you want to live love yourself unconditionally because the only person which is with you throughout the life is only uh!! Smile little harder even when you’re going through worst phase of ur life and laugh more when you want to cry because this time can’t be revive again. People who criticise you, who bully you, who mocked you, and the worst who forced you to hate yourself leave them right now just know.

Always remember KARMA exists and everything you’ll do, same will be done to you Be kind always Be positive because the positive mind towards everything will give you happier life. Let us make our life so bountiful and so fulfilled in our own self that people will only add value in our life. We are just low-key towards our understanding, insecurities and our thinking. Why to tell our feelings to others?? just to receive that sympathy as in return we are just mocked by them. You are enough to do anything. You are great and you are born to do great things Belive in yourself. Your bad time will be passed soon and great things will be happened BE PATIENT BETTER THINGS ARE COMING. The most powerful weapon you have is TRUSTING ON YOURSELF love your own flaws because no one born perfect.



Jasmeet kaur